Gold Standard Plastic Surgical Scalpel Holder

Medline’s disposable Gold Standard Plastic Surgical Scalpel Holder is a protective holder for up to three conventional scalpels where they can be placed when they are not being used during the surgical procedure.

Products in the Gold Standard product line are designed to make best-practice techniques more intuitive for clinicians, which is why our surgical scalpel holder positions the scalpels downward to prevent accidental injury caused by grazing a sharp blade.

Furthermore, our surgical scalpel holder helps clinicians maintain an organised and efficient operating theatre environment by keeping the holder in a fixed position thanks to its built-in adhesive bottom.

Additionally, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, this product is disposable. Designed to stand out against the typical blue and green of draping products, our gold-coloured products allow for easy identification in the operating theatre.

Gold Standard products have innovative safety features that promote:
  • Correct-site surgery
  • Sharps safety
  • Compliance with European patient safety initiatives and European regulations.

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