Gemini Dual-Colour Bonded Sterilisation Wrap

The Gemini Dual-Colour Bonded Sterilisation Wrap is made with two SSMMS fabric pieces bonded together. It is comprised of two sheets, one blue and one pink, which are ultrasonically seamed together on two sides. The dual structure of Gemini Bonded Wrap allows healthcare workers to wrap medical devices once with one bonded sheet but offers the same protection as two individual sheets. The wrap is available in different sizes and weights; each weight has its own blue colour for easy differentiation, going from lightweight and light blue to heavyweight and dark blue.


Gemini dual colour bonded wrap is made with unique SSMMS fabric, providing proven barrier protection. Gemini offers high-level protection against fluid and particles. It is resistant to tears and punctures, performing better than standard SMS wraps.Gemini bonded wrap features one pink sheet and one blue sheet bonded together. This allows healthcare workers to see tears and punctures more easily if they occur. The dual colour can also be used to colour code different instruments, procedures or to differentiate hospital equipment versus equipment on loan. Gemini fabric is very soft and easy to fold making it simple to work with. In addition sterilisation tape easily adheres to the surface to ensure the wrap is completely closed. Gemini dual colour bonded wrap is appropriate for use in all major sterilisation cycles including pre-vacuum steam cycles, gravity steam cycles, Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilisation and STERRAD® sterilisation.

Product Specifications

Norms about sterilization standard ISO 11607

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