Flex-One Disposable Liner

Flex-One is a surgical suction system made with a disposable liner and reusable canister. There are two kinds of liners: the green-lid 2 L liner built with a filter and the white-lid 2 L liner built without filter. Each liner is made with two ports: a patient port and a vacuum port.


Flex One Suction System is economic, easy to use, safe and reliable. The mobile carousel with 4 canister assembly can be easily adapted for numerous configurations. The system can be mounted directly onto the wall or using a rail mount. The Green/White colour code system identifies the liner with hydroscopic filter which protects the source from aerosols and infected fluids. A non-return valve, placed on the liners patient port, ensures optimal protection for the staff and the patient by avoiding the risk of leaks.

Ordering Information

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