Flex-One Disposable Liner

Designed to be safe, easy to use and economical, Medline’s Flex-One surgical suction system incorporates a disposable liner and reusable canister for your day-to-day suction needs. We offer two kinds of disposable liners, which are colour-coded to easily match them with the appropriate canister.

The Flex-One liner with the green lid protects the source from infected fluids and aerosols thanks to its hydroscopic filter. The liner with the white lid does not include a filter. Additionally, each 2-litre liner is made with two ports, a patient port and a vacuum port. To ensure optimal protection for patients and staff by avoiding the risk of leaks, our disposable liner comes equipped with a non-return valve placed on the patient port. With just one size of liner available, Flex-One is a simple and economical surgical suction system.

The Flex-One system can be easily adapted into numerous configurations thanks to its mobile carousel that holds up to four reusable canisters and liners. Wall mounting can be completed with a rail mount or by simply mounting it directly to the wall. The Flex-One surgical suction system includes a large range of products, including accompanying reusable canisters and hardware.

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