Essential Sterile Sleeve with Elastic Cuff

Medline’s Essential Sterile Sleeve with Elastic Cuff offers increased fluid protection as required during shorter surgical procedures. Our sterile sleeves with elastic cuff also provide high-level comfort and breathability, thanks to SMMMS technology that is used as a reinforcement along the arm.

<br>Additional properties of our sterile sleeves include:

  • Single-use <br>
  • Sterile<br>
  • Alcohol-repellent material <br>
  • High-level liquid barrier <br>
  • Blue-coloured surgical clothing <br>
  • Antistatic properties<br>
  • 14 x 55 cm dimensions.

    <br>In addition, Medline also offers different styles of sterile sleeves made from SMS fabric and bilaminated material. All can be used over a surgical or isolation gowns when additional sterile protection is required.
  • Product Specifications

    Single use Yes
    Colour of surgical clothing Blue
    Asepsis Sterile
    Antistatic present Yes
    Alcohol repellent material Level 8
    Absorbent zone included No
    AAMI liquid barrier level Level 2

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