Eclipse Reinforced Universal Drape Pack 8

Medline’s Ultimate Reinforced Universal Drape Pack provides reinforcement when heavy-duty absorbency is required during abdominal or breast surgeries. This drape pack also gives users high-level comfort and breathability, thanks to its spunlace, non-woven material that is made from cellulose and polyester.

<br>Our sterile, single-use, reinforced blue-coloured drape packs are not only alcohol-repellent but also have an antistatic absorbent zone to provide ample draping and fluid protection during OR surgery.

<br>Each OR surgery-safe drape pack includes a CSR wrap, a back table cover, two adhesives (tape, PE), two side drapes (reinforced, adhesive) and two head drapes (reinforced, adhesive).

Product Specifications

AAMI liquid barrier level Not Applicable
Absorption configuration of the drape Reinforced Area
Absorbent zone included Yes
Alcohol repellent material Level 9
Antistatic present Yes
Asepsis Sterile
Colour of surgical drape Blue
Single use Yes

Ordering Information

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