Disposable Operating Room Table Head Positioner Cover

Medline’s Disposable Operating Room Table Head Positioner Cover protects the OR table head board from being damaged and limits the risk of harbouring bacteria and cross-contamination thanks to its impervious polyethylene film.

This product is available separately or as a bundled package in Medline’s QuickSuite® OR table kit, which contains an assortment of disposable components, many of which also have an impervious polyethylene film backing.

These kits and their components boost efficiency, promote safety and help lower laundering costs. The Table Head Cover is just one of these disposable components that can be easily and efficiently used during procedure set-up and clean-up to rapidly clear the operating theatre table for the next patient.

This product comes in two different sizes: 38 x 39 centimetres and 45 x 55 centimetres.

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