1-Ply Infant Head Warmer

Medline’s 1-Ply Infant Head Warmer is a soft knit stockinette cap to help keep infants warm and comfortable.

Our colourful collection offers one-ply head warmers in blue and pink that are made of 100 per cent polyester. In addition, we offer a blue/pink combo stripes option that is made of 66 per cent polyester and 34 per cent cotton.

Keeping infants’ heads covered is essential to keeping them warm because most heat is lost through this area.

Medline is committed to meeting the needs of our youngest patients and offers a portfolio of other baby accessories as well, also in different colour options, including deluxe 100 per cent cotton two-ply head warmers available in a set.

Product Specifications

Material of textile 100% Polyester

Ordering Information

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