Breast Cancer Awareness

Medline’s corporate mission is to improve the lives of patients and people by creating breast cancer awareness and promoting early detection.

Breast cancer awareness

In 2005, Medline in the US made a very conscious decision to create a breast cancer awareness campaign with a single vision: "A World Without Breast Cancer Is in Our Reach". A decade later, Medline’s campaign has helped make significant strides to improve the lives of everyone affected by the disease – patients, survivors, families of those who lost their battle, healthcare workers, to name a few.

To raise breast cancer awareness, the Medline exam glove division in the United States launched the original Pink Glove Dance in 2009. Now Medline hosts Pink Glove Competitions in the United States, Europe and Australia and New Zealand. The Pink Glove Competitions have become an international, inspirational phenomenon.

Our goal is to wear pink gloves to raise awareness for breast cancer, create smiles amongst the people fighting, to honor hospital staff and to increase funds for the cure.

Thank you for your continued support of Medline and our breast cancer awareness campaign.

Pink Glove Competitions Europe

In 2013 the first Pink Glove Competition took place in Europe. Medline hosted the Pink Glove Dance Competition uniting 80,000 clinicians, survivors and communities in a unique way to support breast cancer awareness and prevention – through the spirit of dance.

This year Medline Europe is launching its very first Pink Glove Photo Competition. The goal is simple: each participant (anyone who works in healthcare) will take a picture with pink gloves to promote breast cancer awareness. The picture that receives the most votes on Facebook by October 21st will be the winner.

The winning image will be featured as the cover photo on the contest Facebook page. The image will also be used for all 2017 promotional materials both in print and on all Medline European websites.

Visit our Pink Glove Competition Facebook page to learn more

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