Medline’s breast cancer awareness campaign aims to improve the well-being of patients and society. We do this by increasing awareness and understanding of the disease and promoting early detection.

Pink Glove Photo Competition Europe

In Europe, Medline manufactures and sells limited edition Generation Pink® exam gloves. These vinyl and nitrile exam gloves have a distinctive pink colour which corresponds with the pink ribbon commonly associated with breast cancer awareness worldwide.

In 2016 Medline launched its very first Pink Glove Photo Competition which is now held annually. The goal is simple: each participant (anyone who works in healthcare) takes a picture with pink gloves to promote breast cancer awareness. The picture that receives the most votes on Medline’s Facebook page is the winner and the winning image is featured in various Medline publications until the next competition.

To participate, you can visit our Facebook page or send us an email here.

Keep A Breast Europe

Medline is pleased to have a partnership with Keep A Breast Europe (KABE). Keep A Breast Europe is dedicated to empowering young people around the world with breast health education and support.

KABE has developed a mobile application called “Check Yourself,” which is designed to educate young people about breast health and to encourage regular self-checks. 

As part of the collaboration agreement, Medline will donate a portion of the proceeds from Generation Pink® glove sales to KABE. The funds will be used to develop and translate the “Check Yourself” app into German, Spanish and Italian.

Download the brochure to learn more

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